Be patient, therefore, brothers, until the coming of Yahshua. See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop, patiently waiting for the autumn and spring rains. (James 5:7)

  • My soulmate, my husband, my lover, and my best friend, Richard, passed away at 2:39 PM, 9/7/14, when I gave the OK to cut life support.  They gave him a strong pain shot, turned off his artificial heart, he took one breath, and passed away.  My daughter was on one side of him, holding his hand, and I was on the other.  I'm devastated, but Father is dealing very graciously with me (Psalm 116:15). Click HERE to read the full account, 5/19/14-present.

  • LINKS to the Books of 1 Enoch, Jubilees & Jasher.

  • Click HERE for a free book that I wrote via the Spirit.  It's entitled "Truth vs. Tradition".  Most of you will hate the book, and hate me as well, but my obedience to Father is more important.

  • Click HERE for my October (Fall Harvest) mosaic.

  • Featured Poem (by me) Click HERE to read "Don't Know How People Handle".

  • Song of the month: Wayfaring Stranger (Richard McIlveene's version). Click HERE for lyrics. What an appropriate song!!!

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Yohanan 3:16

Romans 10: 8 -10

Revelation 22:20

Mattithyahu 24:23-27

Mattithyahu 25:10





Please forgive me for not posting since July. I spent the entire month of August living in Richard's hospital room. Then, as told above, he passed away on 9/7/14. I am still busy trying to get my life straightened out (Richard used to pay our bills, etc.), as well as trying to remember what companies, etc. need to be informed of his death. Bear with me... I will follow Father's leading. Your prayers are most appreciated!  When I begin posting again, please read my posting guidelines before submitting. 







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Peg & Richard